There are thousands of video and textual archive websites on the worldwide internet. Some, such as YouTube are broad formatted "anything goes," others have a specific niche' and yet others are special interest. Xoteria.tv endeavors to "fill in the blanks" and the gap with distinctive entertainment and information combining audio/visual and textual content that is just what you may have been looking for.

Much like, in television, where PBS differs from commercial outlets, Xoteria.tv explored areas of interest to the demographically ignored savvy web wurfers who cannot find exactly what they are looking for elsewhere in "cyberspace." All these video, audio and textual materials have been and are being archived at xoteria.tv without profit motive.

Who better to operate a multimedia website than Carlson International, with almost fifty years of experience in recording, films, television and radio. The "retired" company now focuses efforts on bringing to the internet one of the most diverse, yet unique, archives of visual, aural and linguistic interests for your enlightenment, edification and enjoyment.

It is our aim to keep Xoteria.tv always free for you, our valued visitor, without registering your personal information (no sign-ups, no sign-ins). We do have costs that are very expensive. Server space, domain certifications, video stream licensing costs and other recurring operating expenses.. So, to defray these costs, we allow advertising agencies to place ads on this website to keep it 100% free for you. Ads that appear on videos originate from the distributor of that feature and in such cases we have no control over those ads; but the arrangement with the syndication company allows us to bring these additional fine videos to you..

We value your input and many features have been added directly from our visitor's comments and feedback, You will find "contact us" forms on key webpages, our main directory page and below. We look forward to "hearing" from you because Xoteria.tv is for you.

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