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1. We Are Anti-Spam,
2. We Do Not Utilize Adware, Spyware, or Spybots
3. Our Websites Are Monitored 24/7 To Protect From Externally Induced Malware.
4. We Do Not Sell, Rent Or Provide Mailing/e-Mail Lists,
5. No Sign In Or Passwords Are Utilized On Any Of Carlson International/Xoteria Websites.

Privacy Policy Credo: Xoteria.tv (xoteria.com), and parent company Carlson International, is adamant at protecting our visitor's, user's and member's privacy and confidentiality. We are fanatic about keeping our website pop-up free, adware free, spybot and spyware free. We have no arrangements with SEO's and don't buy into clickthroughs. When we receive e-mail or e-mail form replies, the information is kept on our private computers, not on the website server. We never, ever, sell rent or otherwise provide mailing lists of our users, members or clients to any other party.

No Spybots, Spyware, Adware." We do not require visitors or members to "sign in" with a user name or password. We absolutely forbid spybots, spyware, adware and any type of tracking or manipulative scripts.

No Membership, Log On, Password, Or Guest Book Signing Required We do not utilize "guest books." There isn't and will never be a monthly password to access certain pages, texts or services.. We do not collect personal information about our visitors

We Are Anti-Spam You will never receive e-Mail from Xoteria.com that you did not specifically request. We send out e-mail for order confirmations and advisories, replies to feedback, forum postings and general inquiries.

No Selling, Renting, Or *Providing Of Mailing Lists/User-Member Information Xoteria.com, does not and never will sell, rent or provide mailing lists of our visitors, users or members. We do not participate in co-op marketing arrangements or multi-level marketing.

Protection From Identity Theft Xoteria-TV (Xoteria.com) does not collect personal information nor record computer IP addresses. Your privacy, confidentiality and secutity is our credo. Xoteria.com .

Please Note: Xoteria.tv Advertisers & External Websites. The privacy policies herein govern only the Xoteria.com website and not the website, webpages, or clickthroughs of advertisers. For their privacy policies, consult their websites or ad representative. The ad agency we have chosen to place ads on Xoteria.tv website is Adbrite, San Francisco, CA. For advertising information: www.adbrite.com

Use Our Free Services With Confidence When you use any of the free consultation or download services on any Xoteria.com channel, you can be assured the service is rendered in a secured, private environment free from pop-up ads, adware. spyware or sales gimmicks.

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