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"The Singing Rage, Miss Patti Page"

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About The Singing Rage, Miss Patti Page She was born Clara Ann Fowler, November 8, 1927, in Claremore, Oklahoma. Her father worked for the railroad; married and divorced twice; children: Kathleen, Daniel (both adopted)

In the decade immediately following World War II, preceding the growing popularity of of rock and roll, a set of star vocalists rose to the top of popular music, displacing the big swing bands that listeners and dancers were the musical mainstay.

In the mid 1940's Patti Page was given a regular afternoon spot on KTUL radio. Jack Rael, a saxophone playing band agent, heard her singing on the air and offered his services as her personal manager. Rael devoted himself entirely to Patti Page's career, for 50% commission of what she made.

Page's first national exposure came when she moved to Chicago. After months of hard touring. She was almost destitute when she appeared on the ABC network radio show, The Breakfast Club. Her rise to stardom thereafter was swift. Only 20 years of age, Patti was signed by Mercury Records in 1948. Mercury in the late 1940s was the domain of legendary pop producer Mitch Miller, who later moved on to dominate Columbia. Miller was the king of electronic voice self-synch overdubbing, laying one track over another.

Thus, Patti Page sounded as harmonizing with herself on the records, her signature sound. Page, having grown up in Oklahoma singing country music, was comfortable with country-flavored material that Mitch also liked. Voila, The Tennessee Waltz, a super-smash.

"Tennessee Waltz" was first recorded by a country band (would you believe, Pee Wee King and His Golden West Cowboys?). It was composed by King and his lead vocalist, Redd Stewart. It was a minor hit both for King's group and for country vocalist Cowboy Copas. When Patti got ahold of the song, it sold more copies than the previous versions combined and multiplied by ten. In the ensuing years, over 500 cover versions of "Tennessee Waltz" appeared, and the song remains an indelible part of American popular culture. Page's career never quite reached such a peak again, but she remained one of the country's most popular singers through most of the 1950s, strongly identified in the public mind with country-tinged pop songs, such as 1950's well-received "Mockin' Bird Hill" and Page's personal favorite, "Old Cape Cod," from 1956. Another million-seller for Page was the novelty pet-shop ode "Doggie in the Window"; a widely enjoyed parody of the tune by the outrageous country comedians Homer and Jethro confirmed its near-universal familiarity. Throughout the 1950s, Page was a fixture of the television variety-show circuit. In 1957 she was offered her own host slot on The Big Record, a rock and roll-oriented musical program. But Page's laid-back style proved ill suited to the brashness of the rock era. Look magazine noted that "clinkers popped up in the program and there were changes in the staff" in an attempt to rescue it. But the show did not last; nor did a 1958 successor, The Patti Page Show.

Page moved from Mercury to Columbia Records (presumably moving with Mitch to sing along with Mitch) in 1962, and her new label gradually began to steer her in the direction of country music, with which she had been nominally associated all along. A series of country LPs in the late 1960s and early 1970s were moderately successful, and as late as 1981, Page cracked the country Top 40, with a single on Nashville's Plantation Records (Shelby Singleton's Harper Valley PTA Jeanie C. Riley one hit wonder label).

In the early 1990s Page lived near San Diego. The mother of two children she adopted during one of her two marriages, she still made regular appearances on the nightclub circuit. As a reviewer for Variety noted in 1990, "[Perhaps] the most surprising thing about watching and listening to a live Patti Page show is realizing how little her pipes have changed. The head tones are as clear and the chest voice as rich as in the golden Mercury Record days."

More recently, Patti Page has been a fund raising fixture at Public Television stations. Patti Page was the "singing rage" of her time, credited with fourteen million-selling records during the 1950s. . Patti's Discography, link to The Tennessee Waltz & OTV return link below

The Singing Rage, Miss Patti Page Discography (Hit Singles)
Year/Title/Chart Positions/Certification 1948 "Confess" 12
1948 "Say Something Sweet" 23
1949 "So in Love" 13
1949 "Money, Marbles, and Chalk" 15
1949 "I'll Keep the Lovelight Burning" 26
1950 "With My Eyes Wide Open, I'm Dreaming" 11 Gold
1950 "I Don't Care If the Sun Don't Shine" 8
1950 "All My Love (Bolero)" 1 Gold
1950 "Back in Your Own Backyard" 23
1951 "Tennessee Waltz" 1 Gold & Platinum
1951 "Would I Love You (Love You, Love You)" 4 Gold
1952 "Mockin' Bird Hill" 2 Gold
1952 "Down the Trail of Achin' Hearts" 17
1952 "Ever True, Evermore" 24
1952 "Mister and Mississippi" 8 Gold
1952 "These Things I Offer You" 26
1952 "Detour" 5 Gold
1952 "And So to Sleep Again" 4
1952 "Come What May" 9
1952 "Retreat" 22
1952 "Whispering Winds" 16
1952 "Once In a While" 9
1952 "I Went to Your Wedding" 1 Gold
1952 "You Belong to Me" 4 Gold (would be later top ten hit for Jo Stafford, Margaret Whiting, The Duprees
1952 "Why Don't You Believe Me" 4 (later a top ten hit for Joni James)
1952 "Conquest" 18
1953 "(How Much Is That) Doggie In the Window" 1 Gold
1953 "My Jealous Eyes" 17
1953 "Now That I'm in Love" 18
1953 "Oo! What You Do to Me" 16
1953 "Butterflies" 10
1954 "This is My Song" 20 (a decade later a hit for British Invasion's Petula Clark)
1954 "Father, Father" 21
1954 "Milwaukee Polka" 23
1954 "Changing Partners" 3 Gold
1954 "Cross Over the Bridge" 2 Gold
1954 "My Restless Lover" 21 (title theme for the movie "Johnny Guitar")
1954 "Steam Heat" 8 (later a hit for Judy Garland and Peggy Lee)
1954 "What a Dream" 10
1954 "I Cried" 13
1954 "The Mama Doll Song" 20
1954 "I Can't Tell a Waltz from a Tango" 30
1954 "Let Me Go Lover" 8 (shared the charts with Joan Weber)
1955 "Croce di Oro" 16
1956 "Go on With the Wedding" 11
1956 "My First Formal Gown" 80 (at the egging of Mercury's A&R guys, Patty tries uptempo rock & roll)
1956 "Too Young to Go Steady" 73 (ditto)
1956 "Allegheny Moon" 2 Gold (back to her own style for another smash hit, the exec suits wrong again)
1956 "The Strangest Romance" 93
1956 "Mama From the Train" 11 (inspiration for 90's Danny De Vito movie) 1957 "Repeat After Me" 53
1957 "A Poor Man's Roses (Or a Rich Man's Gold)" 14
1957 "The Wall" 43 (later a minor hit for Toni Fisher)
1957 "Old Cape Cod" 3 Gold
1957 "Wondering" 12
1957 "I'll Remember Today" 23
1958 "Belonging to Someone" 13
1958 "Another Time, Another Place" 20
1958 "Left Right Out of Your Heart" 9 Gold
1958 "Fibbin'" 39 1959 "Walls Have Ears" 77
1959 "With My Eyes Wide Open, I'm Dreaming" (re-issue) 59
1959 "Goodbye, Charlie" 90 1960 "2,223 Miles" 67
1960 "One of Us" 31
1960 "I Wish I'd Never Been Born" 52
1961 "Don't Read the Letter" 65
1961 "A City Girl Stole My Country Boy" 90 1961 "You'll Answer to Me" 11
1961 "A Broken Heart and a Pillow Filled with Tears" 91 1962 "Most People Get Married" 27
1962 "The Boys' Night Out" 49
1963 "Pretty Boy Lonely" 98
1963 "Say Wonderful Things" 81
1965 "Hush... Hush Sweet Charlotte" 2 Gold (from the movie of the same title) 1965 "Ribbons and Roses" 35
1966 "Custody" 26 1966 "Almost Persuaded" 20
1966 "Music and Memories" 37
1967 "Walkin' - Just Walkin'" 16
1967 "Same Old You" 16
1967 "All the Time" 23
1968 "Gentle On My Mind" 7 country charts
1968 "Little Green Apples" 11 country charts
1968 "Stand by Your Man" 20 country charts
1969 "The Love Song" 25
1970 "I Wish I Had a Mommy Like You" 22
1971 "Give Him Love" 26
1972 "Make Me Your Kind of Woman" 37

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8.18.2012 Mara Lynn 24 PA
I love the song and the demure lady who sings it.

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