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Hi Yo Silver, Away!   About Clayton Moore Clayton Moore's first initual show business gig was with 'The Flying Behrs.' A local trapeze act. In 1934 they were booked at the Chicago World's Fair. Following their success at the world's fair. They decided to change their act and concentrate on the trampoline.Clayton Moore was injured in a maneuver gone wrong,, sustaining injury to his his knee joint.. His first choice was modeling. In 1935 He went to New York and joined the John Robert Powers modeling agency. Clayton had success as a model. But he desired more than being featured in the Sears catalog.

In 1937, Clayton Moore went to Hollywood. He auditioned unsuccessfully at Columbia Pictures. While reading for Joe Rifkin, who later became his agent. Moore was advised that he needed to go to dramatic school. After six months of study. He was given a second screen test. This time with better results. He was offered a stock contract at Warner Bros for $75.00 a week. His first bit part was in a movie titled 'When Were You Born?' [1938]. After six months of playing bit parts at Warner Bros. He signed another stock contract with Metro Goldwyn Meyer in 1939. While there He was noticed by a producer named Edward Small. He signed an exclusive contract with Mr Small at $250.00 a week. It was Mr Small who suggested that Mr Moore should change his name to 'Clayton.' He did a number of small parts for MGM. Then in 1942 He released his contract with Mr Small and signed with Republic Pictures to make movie serials. Also know as 'Cliffhangers.' He made his most famous serial, "The Perials of Nyoka" at Republic. He was surrounded by western stars like, Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, and John Wayne. Which kept him motivated. He learned most of the acting and stunt skills that would carry him through to his most famous role. He was doing well when he was called up for military service. His career was put on hold.

When Moore was released from military duty at the end of World War II. He returned to Republic Pictures and continued to make serials for the studio. He made a large number of serials. Some of them good, others not so good. But eventually he would become known as, "The King of the Serials."

In 1949 his agent told him of a television show that a Mr George Trendle and Mr Fran Striker were going to produce. After landing an interview. Mr Moore went in and talked to

That would be Clayton Moore's definitive role, filming 169 Lone Ranger TV episodes. Clayton also appeared from time to time on TV's "Lassie" series

John Carlton "Clayton" Moore, known to family and friends as "Jack" or "Clay," was born September 14, 1914 in Chicago, Illinois. He died on December 28, 1999 in a West Hills, California hospital of cardiac and respiratory complications.


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