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leg beautification Leg Beauty Basics:
        Clean Pores & Conditioned Skin

Beautifying legs must begin with clean skin pores, good skin cell health, proper moisture balance and maintaining toned contour, good nutrition and weight control. Then, the results are magically "abra cadabra" great legs, but it's not waving a wand. You have to follow the beautification methodology for several weeks faithfully. The results will be worth the effort. Here now, for you, is your ultra-alluring, perfect leg beauty personal guide. We'll give you all the information you need to have your legs look and feel the way you have always wanted them to look and feel a top model or movie star's!

If you haven't already read Xoteria's
skin care guide, we urge you to do so. In that way, you become familiar with the necessary basics of healthy skin and knowing what dermal damage clogged pores do, as well as to appearance. Then, continue here to focus specifically on your legs.


These are visible indications of clogged pores. But it is possible to have pore contamination without the marks and blotches you can see. You haven't been pleased with the overall skin texture and feel your legs? Even when environmental and other contaminants in your leg's skin pores can not be readily seen, they are, nevertheless, harmful and do cause your skin's surface to be and look "rough" rather than smooth and supple. If you have never before thoroughly cleansed the skin pores on your legs, you are in for a fabulous surprise!

As you have read on the
Skin Care Guide Database page, beautification of your skin begins with clean pores. Using cover-up cosmetics only clogs your skin pores all the more. It is very important to keep in mind the skin chemistry on your calves and thighs is different from the skin chemistry in other parts of your body and the skin chemistry on your feet, ankles and knees also differs, as does elasticity. The skin tissue composition, texture and grain of the various parts of your legs is also different from other parts of your body, especially your face. Everyone's skin is as unique as fingerprints and DNA. The astringent (pore cleanser) you use on your face may not be appropriate for your legs; either inadequate or too "strong" (irritatingly gritty). A citrus based astringent works well for most legs (Apricot or lemon, for example). There are also chamomile and colloidial oatmeal astringents, among others, which may (or may not) be beneficial for you. Test an astringent on an inconspicuous part of your legs before applying all over. When you do use an astringent, apply with circular, not up and down, motions. Use less astringent on your ankles and knees than you do on your calves and thighs. Do not use astringent on the bottom of your feet. When applying to your upper thighs, avoid vaginal area contact.

What skin lotion ingredients should I be cautious of using?

This first step cleansing treatment for your legs is essential and, for the first ten days of your leg make-over, must be done every night before you go to bed. Why at night? Astringents "open" your pores and during sleep you would not subject your legs to environmental contamination as you would when you are up and about, going outdoors, and so forth. Never use an astringent before going out and reclining in the sun. Do not apply the astringent with an electrical callous wheel, use a firm circular massage with your fingertips only.

Unsure how to select the proper astringent for your leg beautification make-over? Use the form below for a free consultation with an aesthetician. There is no promotion involved to sell you a product. This is yet another service for you provided by Xoteria.

The important fact to remember, as emphasized and explained in
the skin care guide, eruptions of red, brown and black blotches and spots on your legs are likely *caused by skin clogs and contaminants that have not only irritated skin cells and tissue, but also capillaries, the tiny blood vessels near the surface of your skin. (information about varicose veins can be found in the databse below).
*when no acute or chronic skin ailment is present.

The Next Step: Skin Moisture Balance Conditioning.

Another secret of the posh salon biz: Expensive applications of salon "euro-brand" skin conditioners have the same active ingredients of products you can purchase in most any pharmacy. The question is, which types of skin conditioners are right for your particular legs. The important factor is, after your pores have been cleaned by the proper astringent, you want to attain and maintain the correct moisture balance (see dry and oily skin differentials in the
Skin Care Guide). You want your legs supple and smooth with a velvet feel. Some key ingredients here are lanolin, allantoin, aloe vera, tea tree oil, glycerin, bee pollen. Vitamin A, D and E ingredients (but not in a heavy petroleum base), Skin conditioners should be liberally massaged well into your knees, ankles, and soles as well as your calves and thighs, using your fingertips and, again, a circular motion

This application is done daily in the morning for the first ten days, once every other day for the next two weeks, then at least twice a week to maintain the satin smooth look and feel of your legs.

The final make-over step: firming, toning and contouring,

This procedure you must be done for five days after the ten days of cleansing and conditioning. This may be done anytime during the say or night. BTW: this is the next big Hollywood secret of those hot, sexy shaped legs. Elastin and Collagen firming creams are used in conjunction with foam wraps. The most popular wrap for leg contouring is Pro-Foam, a sports wrap available at most pharmacies. Use the widest two inch width. Do not use Spandex type wraps ("Ace Bandages") as they leave undesirable marks. Always use a smooth elasticized wrap. First, apply the firming cream and then wrap snugly, but not so tight as to constrict circulation. It is important to select a firming cream with the right amount of elasticized effect for your skin. Start the wrap around ankle, spiral up to your upper thigh just below the crotch. Be sure the wrap compression is evenly distributed. Leave the wrap in place for one half hour (best to recline or sit during this time with your legs raised above your heart level). After thirty minutes, remove the wraps and apply a thin layer of skin conditioner, massaging in well.

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Easy & Effective Leg Toning Exercises

Well, exercising is usually a weight to bear (no pun intended...well, maybe) on busy schedules, especially these days. But to attain and maintain toned, contoured legs, a regiment of muscle building and shaping is a must. Aerobics and Pilates are great overall body toning exercises, but here we will focus principally on legs, since leg beautification is our mainstay.

You may wish to start with some easy exercises, some simple, but effective daily routines, but you must "graduate" to muscle toning modified Pilates for legs.:

1. Lie on the floor. Do at least twenty straight leg raises on each leg separately, then twenty more with both legs together.
2. Do up in the air bicycling for at least three minutes.
3. Putting on two pound wraparound ankle weights, available at sporting goods stores, augment the toning value of these exercises. Graduate to five pounds!

Resistance is the key!
People spend hundreds of dollars for fancy body toning contraptions needlessly. Ask any professional physiologist. The key to toning muscles is working them against resistance. The fact is, thermoband, a flexible rubber latex ribbon, does the job as good as any mass marketed impressive looking, computerized mechanism. No, it dosen't light up and give you digital readouts, but it does contour the focal body part you want contoured. Thermoband costs less than ten dollars.

What should be my targeted proportionate height and weight?

Here is how to use Thermoband to tone and countour your legs.
1. Lie on the floor. Place the band at midpoint under one foot just below the toes (wear socks). Take each free end of the band in each hand (wrap it around your wrist for security). Raise the foot by bringing one knee up with the foot out in front. Now, with the band tensed, push your foot outward against it as you straighten your leg. Push out, count ten, slowly bring it back in. Do this twenty times with each leg.
2. Sit up. Place the band at midpoint under the ankle of one foot. If it is the right foot, grope both ends of the band in your right hand securely twisted around your wrist. Pull up your foot and press it back down on the floor against the resistance of the band. Twenty times, than the opposite leg. Repeat twenty sets each leg.

Therabands are color coded, the lightest, usually yellow, provide the least resistance, then red, green and blue, which has the strongest resistance. Since the item is so inexpensive, work up by color.

Doing daily leg exercises will provide the shape you want for your calves and thighs. You can ignore the informercials. Your body and some resistance brought the same results as the three hundred dollar contraption!

Now, the harder, but much more result giving exercises for great looking legs

The musculature of your legs is quite more complex than you may know. Muscles work in tandem with your ligaments and tendons, as well as your blood vessels (cardio-vascular system) and lymphatic functions. All these factors effect not only how your legs look, but how they function and move. Your feet are the foundation of not only your legs, but your entire body. A fashion model walks elegantly down the runway because her feet as well as her legs are toned. She didn't get that way overnight. It took effort, not only with leg applique care as we have described, but with a rigid exercise regiment. So, if you wish your legs to look like a model's when you walk or sit, you must perform challenging exercise daily. Some of these are modified Pilates and modified Vin Yoga Aerobics, others are leg specific exercises called by some dance trainers as Thyrsimatics from ancient Olympian Greek meaning in modern English, Leg Exercise (now that makes sense!).

The All Important Muscle Stretch To Improve Gait & Tone Calves Remove your shoes and socks or hosiery, Sit on the floor and straighten your legs so that both feet point up together aligned with the center of your head. With both hands, grasp under all ten toes and pull back until you feel the stretch in your ankles, calves and knees. The tension should be tight and hold for the count of ten, then release. Relax a moment and begin again. Perform at least five cycles of this important stretch each day.

An Excellent Thigh Shaper Using An Exercise Ball. Start by straddling the Exercise Ball, keeping the knees directly below the hips, and gripping onto the Ball. The arms start extended downward and forward of the body, palms facing inward. At the same time, squeeze in with the knees and raise the arms to the side then overhead. The arms remain rigid throughout the movement. When the arms are at shoulder level, it is important to twist the palms upward before bringing the arms together over head. Release the squeeze and slowly return the arms to the start position. Repeat four sets

Leg Exercises At The Gym Or With Home Fitness Devices The Lunge: Begin by grasping two hand weights 2=4lbs. and allow them to hang down by your sides. T ake a long stride forward with your right leg and raise your left heel so your left foot is on its toes. Keeping your shoulders back and chin up, slowly lower your body by flexing your right knee and hip, continuing your descent until your left knee is almost in contact with the floor. Reverse direction by intensely extending the right hip and knee until you return to the start position. After performing the desired number of reps, do the same routine with your left leg.

Gentle Squat: Take a shoulder-width stance. Grab onto an incline bench with one hand and rise onto your toes. In one motion, slowly slant your torso back, bend your knees and lower your body downward. Emerge your knees forward as you descend. Lean back until your torso is almost parallel with the floor. Then, reverse direction and rise up until you reach the original starting position.

Lying Adduct Raise Start by lying right side. Bring your left leg over your right leg, keeping it bent at a 90-degree angle with your left foot firmly on the floor. Keeping your right leg straight, slowly raise it as h igh as possible. Contract your inner thigh and return to the start position. After you complete a 'testy' number of repetitions, turn over and perform the process on your left side. As you progress, strap on 2 lb ankle weights.

Joseph Atlas recommends these leg, thigh and ab toning exercises: Place your hands on your hips or hold them out in front of you, or out to the side. SLOWLY, step down with your left foot & LIGHTLY touch the floor with your toes & the ball of the foot (keep your heel off the ground). Then bring your left foot back up & lightly touch the step and repeat this 15 times with the left foot. Take a 10 second rest and then do the right leg.

IMPORTANT: The leg that stays on the step is the one doing the most work & you should feel a nice 'burn' in that leg. This means you are doing the exercise right. If it is too easy - you may be moving too fast - the key is to move slowly to 'use the muscles properly'.

If the step may be too low, try a higher step to increase the intensity of this leg toning exercis Try to build up to 3 sets of 15 reps (per leg) with 20 seconds rest between sets. If you haven't been exercising your legs, or are a beginner - you can do this 2 or 3 times each week. If you have been exercising you can simply add it right into your current leg workout routine.

Often times, too much focus is placed on machines, gadgets and high intensity, 'no pain - no gain' concepts. Most of this is for marketing reasons and sometimes just a pure lack of understanding of what the female body needs in terms of the correct leg exercises and overall fitness programming.

Joey Atlas, Exercise Physiologist, is the fitness developer behind The Best Leg Exercises for Women.

Other Leg Exercises Professional Recommend:

This exercise strengthens your shin muscles that run along your shin bones on the lower front of your legs. This is an excellent exercise to help ease shin pain. Stand with your heels on a ledge or step and your toes hanging over the edge. Only the heel of your foot should be on the ledge. If necessary, hold on to something for balance. Pull your toes up as far as possible, and then slowly release to the starting position.

Curvaceous Calves This exercise will strengthen and tone your calf muscles. The calf muscles are located on the lower backside of your legs. Stand with your toes on a ledge or step and your arch and heel hanging over the edge. If necessary, hold on to something for balance. I do these on the steps of my deck and use the hand rail for support. Rise up on your toes as high as possible, and then slowly release to the starting position. Make sure to use your calf muscle to raise yourself. Keep your upper body straight, and do not use momentum.

Leg Curls These curls strengthen and tone your hamstrings. The hamstrings run from your hip to your knee on the backside of your legs. This leg exercise is usually performed on a leg curling machine in the gym. You can also try variations at home using exercise bands or ankle weights. Lie face down on the leg curling machine and hook your heels under the leg press bar. Making sure that your toes are pointed downward. Your legs should be straight with a slight bend at your knees. Raise your heels up towards your buttocks so that your lower legs are perpendicular to the floor. Slowly lower to the beginning position. To avoid back strain be sure to use your leg muscles and not your back.

Sit/Squeeze This is a simple leg exercise that will help tone your inner thigh muscles. Sit up straight in a chair and place a rolled towel or small medicine ball between your thighs. Press your knees towards each other as far as possible and hold for 10-15 seconds. Release and repeat.

More Basic Lef These lunges is great for toning thighs. Start in a standing position with your legs shoulder width apart step forward with one leg and bend your knee to a 90-degree angle. The opposite knee is bent towards the floor. Return to the standing position and then repeat, leading with the opposite leg. Make sure when performing this exercise you keep your upper body straight. Using only the power of your leg muscles to move your body to achieve the best results. For added resistance try holding weights in your hands. To workout your arms, raise your hands straight up over your head as you lunge forward and then return them to your sides when you lunge back.

Leg Massage

Do the "As Seen On TV" & mail order leg massage machines really work? Many "home health" catalogs sell electric leg massage devices that either use an AC adaptor, batteries, or both. They range in price from $14.95 to $39.95, with not much difference in the achieved resulrs. The pulse vibration feels good, somewhat relaxing, but they neither tone muscles nor effectively relieve stress. Women who are on their feet for many hours a day (nurses and waitresses, for examples) will feel better using these devices, but nothing beats a well performed hand massage.

You can do it, although it will feel much better with someone else doing the hands on massaging, and, sensually speaking, it will feel great if your love mate volunteers. The best "feel good," truly therapeutic effect is not difficult. The massage starts at the foot and slowly moves up to the mid thigh. The pressure should be less at the lowest extremity and become gradually more firm as it comes up to the knee. Legs should be outstretched on a lounger, bed or massage table (lying on the back). The massage begins at the sole just unter the toes with the massaging hands somewhat curled and gently grasping around the foot. The thumbs of each hand should press lightly, but effectively on the sole and rotate from the ball of the foot working down to the heel, then up to the ankle bone lightly. At the instep, the massage method changes. With both hands cupping just above the instep, all fingers rotate gently up the calf to the knee fold, then lift fingers, return to the instep and repeat the rotating massage going up the lower leg several times. Then, a firmer rotating grasp around the knee, lower and mid thigh. Repeat the motion from instep to upper thigh. Aside from the aaahhh feeling and the relief to stressed muscles, regular massaging should help with toning the leg contour. With legs elevated above the heart level, the massage will also stimulate circulation and if there is edema, help diminish the swelling.

About Cellulite:

Cellulite, which is a catch name for inner skin layer fat globules, are most likely to form on the back of your upper thighs near the buttocks and, in some cases, on calves and other areas. The toning method above, with emphasize on an exercise regiment, will diminish noticeable cellulite. Dermatologists are now implementing an acidic injection which is said to dissolve cellulite on legs, but the average cost is reported upwards of $600.00 on each leg. There are also reported mild temporary side effects with this invasive therapy.
Diet The Best Preventitive. Eating healthy promotes skin wellness as well as your overall well-being. Antioxidants from fruits and vegetables have shown to nourish skin, promote healthy tissue and cells, as well as diminish necrosis (dead skin). Berries have antigenic (anti- aging) effects, according to several naturopathic studies.
Cure For Cellulite No matter what any magazine or newspaper ad, TV commercial or infomercial claimes, there is no pill, no capsule, no herbal drink, no injection that will "cure cellulite." Preventatives are good diet and exercise. But you if you have the fatty tissue and globules in your thighs, can diminish cellulite with certain heat, massage and wrap methodologies.
Heat Therapy To Clear Pores & Diminish Cellulite Many leading salons provide a heat therapy program intended to clear pores and reduce cellulite. While heat wrap and massage therapy can be beneficial, it is not a cure-all. That stated, you may be delighted to learn that you can emulate the total program at home for a few dollars in pharmacy bought provisions and "get one over" on those who spend several hundred, if not thousands of dollars at salons. If you want the gossip of salons, invite a few friends over for a "leg beauty party" and they will also appreciate saving the big bucks.

What about electric massagers? Yes, electric and battery operated massagers can be substituted for digital massage with the same therapeutic results to diminish cellulite. It is mot necessary to spend money for so-called "cellulite massagers." They work no different than any other massaging device, so the $9.95 personal massager will work just as good as any massager.

leg shaving Comparing Leg Hair Removal Methods

Shaving Your Legs If you are adamantly set against a depilatory method of removing leg hair (or salon methods), and prefer to shave, always use a quality brand shaver. Never shave your legs with a dull blade. Use a quality shaving creme or lotion. And, most certainly use a shaving product designed specifically for the female gender. While the blade cuts away follicle and necrotic skin, it also bears friction against all the skin and is irritating to not only tissue but capillaries. Shave with the grain of your skin, not against it. Electric shavers are somewhat easier on the skin than the battery razors and both provide less irritation than the manual hand razor.The best time to shave your legs is as soon as you awaken in the morning as possible, since your skin will be "tighter." Apply a thin coat of skin conditioner (lanolin, glycerin or cold cream) after shaving. Wait at least one hour after shaving before using an astringent. It is also recommended not to shave your legs in the shower or immediately after bathing. Never shave your legs after being out on the beach or in the sun (see also important warnings and information below about your the effects of the shore on your legs and how they can look their best on the beach). Home hair removal gadgets sold by mail order companies don't work and some, we are told, actually pinch and hurt. BTW: many professional models avoid the leg waxing process as this may clog skin pores Do not shave over skin eruptions without consulting a dermatologist or physician. (For information about leg waxing, depilatories, electrolysis laser hair removal, information about and the treatment of varicose veins see the additional database of leg

shaving your legs irritates not only the outer, but second and third layers of your skin. This "skin burn" is caused by the friction of the razor blade scraping against your skin and skin pores. If you still prefer to remove the hair on your legs by shaving, use a shaving cream with lubricating ingredients. Never shave with a dull blade or a razor that has been dropped or mishandled. Using a menthol-eucalyptus ointment about five minutes after shaving your legs with a razor will reduce the "skin burn" sensation. There is no proof a multiple blade razor does a better job of shaving than a single edge razor, or is less irritating.

Depilatories Depilatory creams remove leg and other bodily hair by caustic abrasion. For that reason, they can be irritating.

What skin lotion ingredients should I be cautious of using?

Nair is currently the most preferred brand among women. All depilatories work by dissolving hair, but only at the skin's surface. This is the only safe method of applique hair removing. The effects are very temporary, usually not more than a day. Women with dark hair may notice black blotches after use. Women with dark skin may see eruptions in their skin pores after using a depilatory. Generally, a depilatory is less abrasive to the skin than shaving.

As with any skin applique, test a depilatory on a small, obscured spot. Discontinue further use if irritation or blotching occurs. The best time to use a depilatory is in the morning after a warm bath or shower. Do not use over insect bites and acture dermal eruptions. If you have a chronic skin condition, consult a dermatologist before using a depilatory or any skin applique.

Electrolysis Developed late 1800's, electrolysis body hair removal uses ionic charges to dissolve skin hair. An electrical current is applied between a pair of inert electrodes, one inserted into the hair folicle. The negatively charged electrode is called the cathode, and the positively charged probe, the anode. Each electrode attracts ions which are of the opposite charge. Therefore, positively charged ions (called cations) move towards the negative charged cathode. The effects are enduring, in many cases permanent (but not in all women), There are risks of skin damage and possible infection, even though the procedure is not invasive (the electrode does not penetrate the skin). Electrolysis can be painful to women sensitive to "static electricity." In many salons, electrolysis has been replaced by laser hair removal methods. Note: "home epilator pens" and similar devices sold by mail order simply do not work).

Laser Hair Removal Lasers are a new modality for the rapid removal of unwanted hair. Proper laser hair removal therapy requires great expertise. Many competing laser hair removal systems exist. Several are already outmoded, and others offer particular advantages for certain patient populations. This site is designed to help consumers decide if they are proper candidates for laser hair removal and to answer the most relevant questions concerning this important new advance.

Light skin makes laser hair removal easier to perform. Fewer treatments are required, and better, faster results are obtained. People with darker skin can be treated, but results are slower, more sessions are required, and greater expertise is required on the part of the laser center.Dark hair absorbs more laser energy and is easier to treat. Coarse dark hair responds the best to laser treatment. Light hair is more difficult to treat. Blonde or red hair is very difficult to treat. Multiple treatment sessions are required, and results are variable. Blonde or red hair usually contains pheomelanin, which absorbs laser energy less vidly than the eumelanin pigment which is present in black or brown hair. Laser hair removal must be individualized for each patient.

Laser hair removal is not for every woman. The absolute requirement is that one's hair must be darker than the surrounding skin. Additionally very darkly pigmented people absorb too much laser energy in their skin and are not ideal candidates. Tanned patients with light hair are not candidates. Tanned patients with dark hair should wait until their tan fades before they are treated. Laser hair removal, although much less expensive than electrolysis, requires multiple treatments, and likely will cost over $1000 in total for legs and bikini area.

hair removal methods There are several home leg waxing products on the market. Most involve heating strips which can result in burns on your legs, so if you do decide to use them, be very careful. There is a sharp sting when the strips are removed and there is no way to prevent the pain. If you feel the hazard and the discomfort are worth the alternative to depilatories and shaving, be sure to use the home leg waxing product exactly as directed by the manufacturer.

as seen on tv leg hair removal products The two most visible TV infomercial hawked leg hair removal gimmicks which began in 2011 are the "No-No," an electrostatic+cream set, which has no medically evident back up on it's safety or effectiveness and the "Altair" (also marketed under other brands) which claims to be the "same true laser treatments salons use." While it contains laser components, it's safety has never been verified and it is doubtful a sized down unit could perform as effectively as professional salon equipmeny and ~ Caveat Emptor ~ all endorsements on infomercials are paid off doctors, cosmetologists, other so-called professionals and actors claiming to be users...even the applauding audiences are a group of paid actors, ask any major city talent agency or consumer group.

Some naturopaths use their own made at home leg waxing formula. Here is the most popular leg wax "recipe" with no endorsement or guarantee from

1 1/2 Cups sugar
4 Tbls. lemon juice
1/2 Tsp. raw egg white
2 Tbls filtered or bottled water

Mix by beating in a saucepan for 2-3 minutes. Boil for 8-15 minutes, until the mixture becomes a ball like gel). Then pour it into a small plastic container. Let the mixture stand until it is very warm, not burning hot. You can keep unused portions refrigerated for two weeks. It can be heated up in the microwave. (be careful not to burn) Of course, be sure you know how to wax your legs before using this formula.

Waxing your legs regularly does, as one advantage, result in your leg hairs growing back somewhat lighter over a period of time. This is because the waxing process extracts hair from the root, therefore, it grows back with a less thick consistency. Another downside, aside from discomfort and the danger of burning, is that leg wax clogs skin pores. Have varicose veins or other malady concerns? Important information follows below...


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Foot Detox Treatment

Don't spend twenty or thirty dollars for those mail order detox kits. Make your own for less than a dollar per treatment. Here's how:
Mix & make a paste consisting of: Baking Soda
Flouride Toothpaste
Cinnamon Powder (granulated)
Drop of Isopropyl Alcohol (or hand sanitizer)
Spread the paste mixture on 2 Gauze Pads (need not be sterile packaged)
Before you go to bed, tape each gauze pad with the mixture on the sole of each foor. Take the pad off in the morning and you will see the toxic particles drawn from your body chemistry, just as effectively as the expensive mail order detox pads. For even more effectiveness, add a sprinkle of either St. John's Wort, Kava Kava or Mugwort herb roots on the paste. Do not ingest. Do not use on children younger than age 7.

Abour Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are swollen and twisted veins that look blue and are close to the surface of the skin. They are unsightly and uncomfortable. Veins bulge, throb, and feel heavy. The legs and feet can swell. The skin can itch. Varicose veins may occur in almost any part of the body. They are most often seen in the back of the calf or on the inside of the leg between the groin and the ankle. Hemorrhoids (veins around the anus) can also become varicose. Causes and risk factors for varicose veins include obesity and pregnancy. menopause, standing for a long time. A genetic factor may also be considered in having varicose veins. A family history of varicose veins. Varicose veins may also be a warning sign of a blood cloth.

A venogram can diagnose the seriousness of varicose veins. Surgery can be done to remove enlarged veins. Sclerotherapy can also be done on smaller veins. This procedure uses a chemical injection into the vein that causes it to close up. Other veins then take over its work. Both of these treatments, however, may bring only temporary success, and more varicose veins can develop.

The long term advantages and risks of newer laser technologies have yet to be fully evaluated by medical authorities.

Just doing some walking will improve leg and vein strength. Keep your weight down. Avoid standing for prolonged periods of time. If your job or hobby requires you to stand, shift your weight from one leg to the other every few minutes. Do not wear clothing or undergarments that are tight or constrict your waist, groin or legs. Eat high-fiber foods like bran cereals, whole grain breads, and fresh fruits and vegetables to promote regularity. (Constipation contributes to varicose veins). To prevent swelling, cut your salt intake. Exercise your legs. (From a sitting position, rotate your feet at the ankles, turning them first clockwise, then counterclockwise, using a circular motion. Next, extend your legs forward and point your toes to the ceiling, then to the floor. Then, lift your feet off the floor and gently bend your legs back and forth at the knees). Elevate your legs above your heart as often and as long as you can each day.

About Sunburn & Sun Ray Hazards

Sunburn is an acute cutaneous inflammation that follows excessive exposure of the skin to ultraviolet radiation (UVR). Long-term adverse health effects of repeated exposure are hazardous and outlined in the American Cancer Society warning found on Xoteria's
Skin Care Guide.

Exposure to ultraviolet radiation causes deleterious effects. The most common is acute sunburn or solar erythema. Solar erythema is associated with microscopic changes in the skin, detectable within 30 minutes of your skin being exposed in the sun. The most marked changes include formation of epidermal sunburn cells, damaged keratinocytes with hyaline cytoplasm, and pyknotic nuclei. Epidermal Langerhans cell and mast cell numbers may decrease, while the relative percentage of hypogranulated or degranulated cells may increase. Superficial blood vessels show endothelial swelling, perivenular edema and vascular infiltration.

Sunburn can be life-threatening and is a leading cause of cancer. Skin burn can easily be prevented through the use of sunscreen, clothing (and hats), and by limiting solar exposure, especially by stopping during the middle of the day. The only cure for skin burn is slow healing, although skin creams can help. In the winter time, windburn is commonly confused with a sunburn, with typically milder symptoms.

It is advisable to consult a Ultra Violet factor index to determine what level of protection is necessary. Potential forms of protection include wearing long-sleeved garments and wide-brimmed hats, and using an umbrella when in the sun. Minimisation of sun exposure between the hours of 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. is also recommended. Commercial preparations are available that block UV light, known as sunscreens. Sometimes called suncreams or sunblocks, they have a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) rating, based on the sunblock's ability to reduce the UVB radiation at the skin: the higher the SPF rating, the greater the protection. A sunscreen rated SPF15 blocks 93.3% UVB and an SPF30 rated sunscreen blocks 96.7%. It is best to use a broad spectrum sunscreen in order to protect against both UVA and UVB radiation. It is prudent to use waterproof formulations if one plans to engage in water-based activities.

It should be noted that the best sunscreens attenuate UVA radiation as well UVB. Protective welder helmet in useWhen one is exposed to any artificial source of occupational UV, special protective clothing should be worn. Sunscreen should have a SPF rating of at least 15. It should be applied half an hour before going out and reapplied every two hours thereafter.

There are numerous topical skin products that can relieve the pain of a sunburn and speed up the healing process. However, it is best never to cover a sunburn that is blistered or open with any sort of cream, gel, or ointment as it may cause the wound to become infected. The symptoms of milder sunburn can be treated with an antipruritic such as Calamine Lotion. The thick mucilaginous gel on an Aloe vera plant or aloe-based products are popular treatments that heal the burn and relieve pain.

Regular white vinegar and apple cider vinegar have often been touted for their usefulness in treating sunburns and preventing blistering and peeling. Another common household remedy is the liberal application of mustard to the affected area or areas. Other common naturopathic remedies involve the application of lavender oil, tea (cooled), yogurt, cucumbers to the burnt skin.

Skin treatments aside, the pain from a sunburn is often best treated with an analgesic such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen. Additional relief may be found by putting a cool, wet towel over the affected area. Using tomato on the skin is a more painful way of treating the burn, but is mostly effective. Ice provides immediate relief; however, once removed, discomfort may follow. Also of note is the common use of almond milk which is particularly soothing to children. Avocado-based moisturing lotions have proven as effective as standard pharmaceutical aftersun treatments in cooling the burn, reducing the edema and restoring elasticity to the burnt skin if applied within 24 hours of the burn.

A hot shower may also take the sting and the heat out of mild sunburn however there is significant risk with severe sunburn that a hot shower will increase the damage perhaps leading to blistering of skin which has not yet blistered. Peeling sunburns are usually accompianied by itching that may be uncomfortable in more severe burns. Allergy medications such as Benadryl are effective at stopping the itching.

You may not be able to pay out the big dollars for the spa consultants, but you have aesthetician consultations free right here at your Xoteria aestheticians are here to help with your selection of appliques, methods of leg beautification and skin beauty maintenance.

Certain Prescription Medications Can Cause Skin Blemishes Or Discoloration

All medications may have specific side effects which include dermal (skin appearance) reactions on your legs. Ask your the prescribing physician about the medications you are taking if you have experienced a skin problem after starting the drug. For example, certain antibiotics, especially the sulfurics (Bactrim, Macrobid), may cause skin to darken, particularly the lower legs. Blood thinners (i.e. Coumadin [Warfarin]) may cause red blotches, streaks or exacerbate varicose veins. Diuretics ("water pills") may dry your skin or cause tiny cracks on your feet (and hands). Everyone is different. A certain medication may have a contraindication on one person, but not another. If you believe a skin affectation is caused by a prescription you are taking, don't jump to conclusions or stop/reduce doses. Consult with the health care professional who ordered the "scrip." She or he may provide a solution, an alternative, or recommend an additional consultation with a dermatologost.



Sure, we all know that Vitamins A, C, D and E are essential for skin health. It is also well known Protein is a must for connective tissue and muscle form. Zinc, of course, promotes new skin growth and protein production and genetic dermal health. These are the great nutrition basics for beautiful legs. The herb Aloe Vera is extremely popular as nature's skin soother. But, did you know that several other herbs promote the healthy and beauty of your legs?

Burdock is excellent for healing dry, scaly skin and reducing the redness and scaling of psoriasis.
Dong Quai, from ancient Chinese medicine, has shown to significantly improve leg appearance by skin cell regeneration and toning skin suppleness.
Ginseng promotes both skin muscle tone, especially when used in conjunction with your leg excersizes.
Nettle improves the skin's ability to ward orr wrinkling and sagging.
St John's Wort used as a topical applique diminishes red spots and bruising (not when taken internally)
Satsaparilla reduces proness to dry skin and reduces the symptoms of various dermatitis inflammations as well as psoriasis
Yellow Dock Root improves skin tone and bolsters the smooth leg appearance.

Remember that EFA's (Essential Fatty Acids) as found in Flax promote not only good overall wellness, but skin health. Your legs depend on good nutrition to look good, feel good and carry you the distances you walk every day.

Did You Know? Some Hosiery Can Actually Harm Your Legs

Bargain brand and no-brand hosiery sold at discount outlets dollar stores, usually imported, may have properties that can have an undesired effect on the skin of your legs and your feet. Some synthetic fibers are coarse, even if they don't feel rough when you put them on. Expanded, poorly refined raw materials can be abrasive to your skin. Another problem with generic branded hosiery are allergins inherent in the fiber or materials which bind the fiber. If your legs feel itchy or tingly after putting on a brand of hosiery you never used before, discontinue wearing them. If you notice tiny marks on your legs and feet after wearing a new brand and have ruled out other forms on skin contamination as previously described, wear another brand to see if these blemishes vanish. In general (but not absolute), national brands should not have any harmful effects on your skin.

leg beauty treatments

Leg Beauty Treatments For $5 Or Less That Outdo The $80 Cosmetic Company Lotions!

The makers of the beauty "miracle" creams advertised on TV and in magazines would have us believe it takes their high priced formula to beautify skin. The active ingredient in most of these "exclusive" formulas are what you may have already have in your kitchen! For example, citric acid extract is nothing more than the inert element of fruit. As for the chemicals we can't pronounce, natural is always better than harsh compounds and lemon peel can do better than monosodium glutonimate anytime. Salons don't want you to know this, but what they "cook up" in the back room is usually oatmeal. No, they aren't serving breakfast. oatmeal is one of the first and still the best skin cell rejuvenators. But why spend $200 to have it applied at the spa when you can do it at home for a few pennies?

Here we'll show you how to use three fabulous natural skin beautifiers: oatmeal, honey, and yogurt. Yes, yogurt! Wait until you see what something so good for your inside can do for your outside!

Find any brand of fat free vanilla yogurt at the supermarket (or maybe you have some in the fridge). Apply the yogurt to your legs, massaging liberal amounts in gently using circular motions from your feet to your thighs. (There! Doesn't it feel like the expensive lotions or what they put on you at the salon? Or better?). Let it set in for about five minutes, then gently remove excess residue with a soft facial tissue. Do this application for five daya in a row and see for yourself the results. Your leg's skin cells will be more revitalized than using even the most expensive you-know-which brand. The yogurt must be fat free vanilla, no other flavor or type.

Honry is nature's super moisturizer. Used correctly, it will not clog your pores as petroleum gel or lanolin/glycerine based products can do. Apply as directed in the yogurt treatment above. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a great moisture restorer also, but left on more than a minute can cause skin pore clogs, especially if there is grit or contaminants already in your pores. Honey may be left on for three to five minutes. Now, $5 a bottle honey or $30 a bottle jar of the nationally advertised moisture cream? Guess which works better.

If your grandmother took "oatmeal baths," chances are she looks much younger than her age. Even dermatologists will admit (maybe reluctantly) that Quakers are cures for skin irritation and promote healthy skin cell growth. Sure, the bath water is lumpy, you won't have the bubble bath fun (bubble bath additives and oatmeal don't mix), but the benefits of skin health is worth the minor sacrifice. Yes, you can make an oatmeal applique for your legs. Whip up a paste of pure oatmeal so the consistency is like a cream. Then apply liberally with the same circular motion, foot to thigh. Cover your legs with a towel, sit with your feet up above your heart level for a few, then gently remove. Especially if you have age marks, you will like the results of your efforts.

satin smooth legs

It will work and make your legs look as good or better than what you see on the screen
...and your legs will taste good, too!

Okay, we kept you in suspense long enough. The magic lotion is pure mayonnaise! It has the key ingredient of the most expensive salon applique (casseinates from egg whites). Simply smooth it on your legs than massage into your pores, cover for a moment with plastic wrap, remove with a damp towel.

Think it's crazy? Try it! Bet you'll find it works as good as the expensive stuff "as advertised on TV." Best of all, it is all natural. You'll notice the great leg look after three or four applications. And yes, many top models and dancers use the appetizer spread as opposed to the salon products or treatments.

We are not responsible for any cute ideas your boyfriend's sense of appetite may create in terms his ideas for method of removal.

You didn't ask but...
According to Modern Dating, gals send out "leg messages" to guys to either attract, get rid of, or beguile. Psychiatrist Doreen Gold says that, at a party or public place, when a woman crosses her right leg toward a guy, she attracts's a sign of interest. Dr. Gold states that when a woman crosses her left leg away from a guy sitting next to her, that's a sign that he should 'get lost' ...or at least get away from her. Now when a woman wags her crossed right leg like a metronome, rhythmic, in syncopation, she "beguiles" for a more intimate relationship. When a woman sits in a public place with both feet squarely on the floor, she's not looking for love in either the right or wrong places, just not looking period.

At, we are not psychiatrists and we won't comment on Dr. Gold's article. What we do in our profwssion (see below) is assist you in making your legs exquisitely, beautiful in the workplace, at a night spot or party, at the mall, on the beach, at home, wherever you want your legs stunning, it is our aim to give your legs the "wow! legs" look.

About Sclerotherapy Women have given their attention toward sclerotherapy as a procedural solution to varicose and "spider" veins, as well as other problems with the appearance of their legs.

Sclerotherapy, however, poses dangerous contraindications. It has shown that invasive (injected) sclerosant ex from the area site/ Studies indicate sclerotherapy often damages delicate valves and causes impaired functions. This creates severe edema which eventually results in the leg's shape and their color to deform.

Sclerotherapy involves serious risks. In addition to the hazard stated, the treatment may impair muscle power. For women who are pregnant, studies shown that the elements in Sclerotheapy may be harmful to the fetus. Studies also show concern over the therapy's cardio-vascular effect,

leg skin tone

Researchers from the universities of Bristol and St. Andrews in the United Kingdom have found that the color of a person's skin affects how healthy and therefore attractive they appear; They've found that diet may be crucial to achieving the most desirable complexion. The research was published in the December 2009 issue of Springer's International Journal of Primatology.

Using special computer software, a total of 54 Caucasian participants of both sexes were asked to manipulate the skin color of male and female Caucasian faces to make them look as healthy as possible. They chose to increase the rosiness, yellowness and brightness of the skin.

Most previous work on faces has focused on the shape of the face or the texture of the skin, but one of the most variable characteristics of the face is skin color. "We knew from our previous work that people who have more blood and more oxygen color in their skins looked healthy, and so we decided to see what other colors affect health perceptions. This has given us some clues as to what other skin pigments may relate to a healthy appearance." explained the researchers.

Skin that is slightly flushed with blood and full of oxygen suggests a strong heart and lungs, supporting the study's findings that rosier skin appeared healthy. Smokers and people with diabetes or heart disease have fewer blood vessels in their skin, and so skin would appear less rosy.

The preference for more golden or yellow-toned skin as healthier might be explained by the "carotenoid pigments" that we get from the fruit and vegetables in our diet. These plant pigments are powerful antioxidants that soak up dangerous compounds produced when the body combats disease. They are also important for our immune and reproductive systems and may help prevent cancer.

Interestingly, they are the same dietary pigments that brightly colored birds and fish use to show off their healthiness and attract mates, and the researchers think that similar biological mechanisms may be at work in humans.

"In the West we often think that sun tanning is the best way to improve the color of your skin, but our study suggests that living a healthy lifestyle with a good diet might actually be better." said the head of the Perception Lab at the University of St. Andrews, where the research took place.

Melanin, the pigment that causes the tan color when skin is exposed to the sun makes the skin darker and more yellow, but participants in the study chose to make skin lighter and more yellow to make it look healthier.

What we eat and not just how much we eat appears to be important for a healthy appearance. The only natural way in which we can make our skin lighter and more yellow is to eat a more healthy diet high in fruit and vegetables.
Reference: Facial skin coloration affects perceived health of human faces. International Journal of Primatology provided by Vitamin Power, Inc. Freeport, NY


There are spots, dots and shading we categorize as "indigenous," inherent, not necessarily caused by (but may be exacerbated by) skin pore clogs and contamination. The dark spots are simply the way the skin is genetically. Mail order companies sell many quick fixes, from bleaches to cover-ups, most do not work, some may work temporarily and some are dangerous as they can damage skin cells.

The old wives tale of using bleach is the most hazardous as these type chemicals will harm your skin. They usually cause white blotches which ultimately result in having both dark and light blotches. Worse, they cause capillaries to become inflames and break, adding red streaks to the mix. For all intents and purposes, rule out any sort of bleaching. No, it will neither make your follicles lighter, it will ultimately make them heavier and coarse.

Quinones are sold as the "cure for liver spots." These type products are not. While not a bleach, they have a bleaching effect. At best, this category of "skin spot remover" (it isn't) may provide a temporary lightening of dark spots; by temporary, 4-8 hours. Quinone compounds are also an irritant and may have the same contraindications as bleach. For this reason, their use is not recommended.

Anonic compounds are also so as a "cure" and they are not. One brand is called "Miracle Spot Remover...with no Quinone." While somewhat less irritating than the previous categories, this eye drop type applique is also temporal and daily use may inflame both the tiny blood vessels and skin cells. Bear in mind anonic chemicals are the basis for laundry detergent formulas..

Minerals are the new kid on the block. A handful of mail order skin beauty product hawkers claim certain mineral formulas have an extraordinary cosmetic action which, as one seller puts it, "automatically mirrors your skin color." We checked with both a dermatologist, Dr. Martin Sweeney and MLMB's own cosmetologist, Diane Summer, and both could find no scientific or homeopathic evidence to support this claim. These mineral "kits" sell for $30 to $50 plus shipping and it is you, the consumer's choice if you want to risk the money outlay. ProActive hawkers struck it rich on such consumer ventures. How many unsolicited favorable opinions, we will never know; only paid testimonials make it to ads. As for the safety of mineral compounds, again, ads will not say. Be at least sure the product you use is hypo-allergenic. The FDA does not control or have jurisdiction over such products or their manufacturers.

Finally come the herbal naturopathic formulas: licorice root, yam, chamomile, arnica extract, or a combination of those. The expression "couldn't hurt to try it" comes into play here, they are more gentle, they may work temporarily, persons allergic to gluten (Celiacs) may wish to consider the barley content of licorice.

Some Middle Eastern women notice skin shadings, dark and light areas of their legs, i.e. skin near the knee dark becoming light at mid calf. This is genetic pigmentation and not a skin condition. While there are laser treatments for this, they are provided only at a few U.S. dermatology clinics, are quite expensive and require several treatments. Some patients experienced a burning pain for a time after treatment.. There are risks which must be discussed with both a primary physician and the dermatologist.

Skin Bumps Cysts are balloonlike structures with sturdy membranes containing liquids, semisolids, or even gases. Some cysts are so tiny that they can be seen only with a microscope. Others are so big that they can compromise normal surrounding tissue, including skin and internal organs. When cysts form just beneath the skin, they�re usually painless, slow-growing, and highly noticeable. When you roll them under your fingers, they often feel smooth to the touch. When cysts form inside the body, however, they often go unnoticed until they�re identified by an imaging study such an X-ray, ultrasound, CT (computed tomography) scan, or MRI (magnetic resonance imaging). Although it can be frightening to find skin cysts, they usually are rarely cancerous or associated with severe infections. Because they can resemble cancerous lumps, however, it�s important to have any abnormal swelling or lump evaluated by a doctor. Also, seek medical attention if you have a rapidly growing, ruptured, or painful cyst. Several different procedures can permanently remove medically or cosmetically problematic cysts.

natural leg beauty methods

As we mentioned, our environment loads you leg skin pores with hundreds of various types of contamination. Egyptian women discovered the magic of cucumber before the word "detox" became known. To totally detoxify your legs and feet (forget the mail order pads and gunk, they don't work), crush fresh cucumber as finely as you can. Sit, relax and pour or pat the crushed cucumber all over your legs (feet, calves and thighs), wrap with towels, then relax and listen to your favorite CD, radio station or watch some TV. After, remove the towel and cucumber bits, pat dry and feel the rejuvenation of your legs. Do this method regularly and see if the skin and overall appearance of your detoxified legs aren't magnificent.

We briefly mentioned this above, but let's really emphasize how massaging Fat Free Vanilla Yogurt (no brand plugs, anything from store brand to national brand will work) into the skin of your legs will, after several appliques, make them as silky smooth and velvety soft as the most expensive spa treatment. Apply evenly, massage with gentle, circular motions, that gently wipe off with a soft facial tissue. You will be jokingly whisking away your hubby or lovemate's hand from legs as soft as a baby's you-know-what.

You're a nurse, waitress, or other on your feet worker constantly on your feet reaching, stretching, carrying, balancing...and at the end of the day, you see the red spots caused by the inflammation. You may think pepper would aggravate the redness, but surprise-surprise! Gentle massage with pure, natural Cayenne Pepper alleviates the redness as well as diminishing the burning or pain. And many people have found the ancient remedy of eating a few cherries a day improves lower limb circulation and lymphatic function!

Aside from Avocado astringents, rubbing the sap from the actual fruit will make your legs look younger, healthier and wrinkle-like lines free. You can slide a sliced Avocado around your feet, calves and thighs or simply drain the juice (using a juicer is the best way) and apply as a lotion.

Granny used it in her bath, which is how her skin looked so good, but applying oatmeal as a lather-like applique is even better for your legs. "Slather" it in warm, wrap with a soft towel, leave it on for a half hour (during "Wheel Of Fortune" or "ET" maybe), then rinse off your legs in the shower. You'll be getting leg stares and whistles at the beach for many, many years to come if you use the Oatmeal Applique method once every two weeks.

Very dry skin can have rough spots dermatologists refer to as "cigarette skin," and spa therapists as "sandpaper skin." Whatever you name it, you can go to a spa and spend hundreds for whatever they rub on, or simply go to a health food or holistic pharmacy and purchase herbal Arnica Oil for less than five dollars. Gently massage on the spots (also foot calluses) daily and, abra cadabra, like magic, the sandpaper is gone. Then, just treat your dry skin with any inexpensive conditioner. If you have blister bumps, use Cornstarch.

Madison Avenue did it to you again! You went to the beach decked out in your thong bikini and thought you were protected by that nationally advertised sun blocker. Oo, ouch, ee, Mr. Sun got you. Lavender will soothe the burn and heal the skin. Add one tablespoon of lavender oil to two ounces of clear, filtered water. Add only one drop of honey (optional) as an additional soothing agent, but one drop only since honey can clog pores. Apply very gently to affected area and, mmmmmmmm, feel the relief. Next time, reduce sun exposure time. No blocker is invincible.

We'll be adding many more Natural Leg Beauty Treatments
as we research the research and check the sources
as well as try the method at our own spa.


The International Journal Of Cosmetology affirms, "Daily Intake of Antioxidants, Carotenoids, Minerals and Coenzyme Q10 Are Valuable For Supporting Skin Health..."

Taking a dietary supplement regimen containing Coenzyme Q10 along with nutritional antioxidants and minerals can decrease skin roughness and fine wrinkles, according to a recent study.

Sixty women were randomly assigned to either the supplement. After 12 weeks of taking the supplement once daily those in the treatment group experienced a significant improvement in skin roughness and fine wrinkles, whereas those in the placebo group did not, according to the researchers based at Srinakharinwirot University, Bangkok, Thailand.

Measurements of skin roughness and fine wrinkles were carried out at the start of the study, then at four week intervals until week 12. Significant Difference is Achieved After 4 Weeks...

According to the researchers, the depth of skin roughness and fine wrinkles were not significantly different between placebo and treatment group at the beginning of the study, but by the end of week 4 there was a significant reduction in the treatment group. By the end of the study, skin roughness and fine wrinkles had reduced by 21.22 per cent, compared to a 1.7 percent improvement in the placebo group.

The satisfaction of the study participants with the treatment was also measured and questionnaires investigated whether a reduction in pore size, skin roughness, wrinkles, and decrease and homogenization of skin color was experienced.

A reduction in pore size, skin roughness and fine wrinkles, was seen by those in the treatment group at a significantly higher level than those taking the placebo, but there were no perceived changes in pigmentation levels.

The supplement regimen contains antioxidants including: Coenzyme Q10, Beta-Carotene, Grape Seed extract, French Maritime Pine Bark extract, Green Tea extract and D-alpha- tocopheryl acetate ( Vitamin E), essential minerals (Zinc and Selenium) and glycosaminoglycans (from glucosamine).

CoQ10 Helps Reduce Collagen Destruction

The researchers hypothesized that the Coenzyme Q10 helped fight oxidative damage and prevent DNA degradation, reducing the synthesis of matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) that can destroy collagen fibres.

In addition, the Vitamin E, in the form D-alpha-tocopheryl acetate, also helps to reduce collagen degradation and the minerals Zinc and Selenium can help support the cell's own antioxidant enzyme SOD (superoxi dismutase). Furthermore, skin levels of glycosaminoglycans, the main component of which is Glucosamine, drop with age, according to the scientists and a growing number of studies support daily oral administration to improve the appearance of aging skin.

Source: International Journal of Cosmetic Science "An oral nutraceutical containing antioxidants, minerals and glycosaminoglycans improves skin roughness and fine wrinkles"

Leg Beauty From Within ...

New Research Supports How Specific Antioxidants,

Carotenoids, Phyto-Nutrients & Plant Extracts

Help Promote Skin Health Of Lower Limbs

Nutrient-rich extracts from berries and pomegranate may protect the skin from the detrimental effects of UV exposure, offering valuable dietary approaches to prevent skin deterioration, suggests an important new study.

Korean scientists report that Ellagic Acid, a natural polyphenol may prevent the degradation of collagen in human skin cells, which would maintain skin structure and slow the formation of dermatological skin ceases, according to findings.

Additional laboratory-controlled studies showed that the polyphenol prevented the thickening of the skin on exposure to UV radiation. Topical application of Ellagic Acid was associated with a decrease in levels of pro-inflammatory compounds in the skin, report researchers from the Department of Food and Nutrition at Hallym University in Korea.

"Topical or dietary interventions with berries and pomegranate rich in ellagic acid and ellagitannins are promising strategies in curtailing skin wrinkling and cutaneous inflammation associated with chronic UV exposure leading to photoageing," wrote the researchers. The results further link into the growing awareness of the link between diet, health and physical appearance.

There is a growing body of science focusing on the potential benefits of nutrients to boost lower extremity skin health from within, with lutein, lycopene, flavanol-rich chocolate, hydrolysed collaged, and superoxide dismutase (SOD) having been reported to improve skin health. The Korean researchers used human skin cells (keratinocytes) and human fibroblasts, which produce the extracellular matrix and collagen in the skin. The cells were exposed to UV-B radiation and ellagic acid. Results showed that the polyphenol attenuated the UV-B-induced toxicity of these cells, while also preventing the degradation of skin tissue.

When topically applied to laboratory subjects at a concentration of 10 micromoles per liter, ellagic acid was associated with a reduction in the production of the pro-inflammatory compounds interleukin-1beta (IL-1b) and IL-6. "These results demonstrate that ellagic acid prevented collagen destruction and inflammatory responses caused by UV-B," concluded the researchers.

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natural breast enhancement
Breasts Made Beautiful
Breast Enhancement Guide
For Non Surgoial, At Home, Do It Yourself
Breast Enlargement & Contouring

Each year, millions of women have undergone painful implant surgery to enlarge their breasts or cosmetic ("plastic") surgery to enhance or contour their breasts. Mail order companies hawk expensive gimmicks and gadgets for "do it yourself at home" methods, but they simply don't work, which is why most products are marketed by tabloid print ads for a very short period of time ~ some gizmos disappear and resurface years later or just disappear. The question remains, can a woman dissatisfied with her bust figure have the appearance of her breasts enlarged or enhanced without surgery or painful methodology?

Enhanced yes, enlarged no. For a breast to be physically bigger, silicon or other "filler" must be implanted. However, breasts can be enhanced, that is, made to look bigger, rounder, contoured and "sexy" by a few simple maneuvers using items totalling under $20 from any large pharmacy such as CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreen's and Walmart, e.g.

A breast appears devoid of form, remains flat, or "droopy" primarily for atrophied musculature and/or lack of skin elasticity in the healthy body. A daily regiment of exercise, Elastin-Collagen cream applique and spandex bandage wrap should bring noticeable results in about ten days. Affirm that you are able to perform at least upper body exercises and are not allergic to ingredients in the Elastin-Collagen products you will use.

Perform upper body exercises to toleration at least once each day. Even just doing hand to hand resistance movements will improve the tone of breast muscles. This could easily be done by watching TV or DVD

Other exercises you can do: 1.) stand about three feet from a solid wall, place the palms of both hands against the wall about six inches apart and lean in to the wall and push out with your arms, using your elbow and shoulders; 2.) do standard floor push-ups and sit-ups. Expensive "body builder" machines will not be any more beneficial than these simple exercises; weight lifting benefits for breast enhancement is arguable.

Apply an Elastin- Collagen cream(s) liberally to the chest and diaphgram areas daily. After approximately three (but not more than five) minutes of application, wrap each breast snugly, but not constricting with spandex sports, surgical, or orthopedic bandage (i.e. "Ace Bandage."

Try this daily routine. It's free from us, uses very inexpensive, easy to find items, so you have little to lose and a sexier bustline to gain!

If you need assistance, use the contact form below. (Breast health information follows).

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Recently published research shows that coffee drinkers enjoy not only the taste of their coffee but also a reduced risk of cancer. More detailed research published in the journal Breast Cancer Research shows that drinking coffee specifically reduces the risk of antiestrogen-resistant estrogen-receptor (ER)-negative breast cancer.

Researchers from Sweden compared lifestyle factors and coffee consumption between women with breast cancer and age-matched women without. They found that coffee drinkers had a lower incidence of breast cancer than women who rarely drank coffee. However they also found that several lifestyle factors affected breast cancer rates, such as age at initial stage of menopause, exercise, weight, education, and a family history of breast cancer. The team of scientists from Karolinska Institutet explained, "There is often conflicting information about the beneficial effects of coffee -- when we compared our results to that of a German study we discovered that their data showed the same trend, but the relationship was much weaker. We suggest that this may have something to do with the way the coffee was prepared, or the type of bean preferred. It is unlikely that the protective effect is due to phytoestrogens present in coffee since there was no reduction in the incidence of ER-positive cancer in this study."

So while it is evident that coffee may have beneficial effects in protecting women from ER negative breast cancer the exact mechanism and compounds involved are not yet clear and not all types of coffee are the same.
Journal Reference:
Coffee consumption modifies risk of estrogen-receptor negative breast cancer. Breast Cancer Research, 2011

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