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Here Is Where You Change Your Life Path Destiny!

An Encyclopedic Tutorial Of All Mysticism & Spiritual Paths
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We are here to guide You, The Goddess, every step of the way.
To be the enlightened woman
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* The Empowerment To Attain Fulfillment Of Your Life
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* Total Fulfillment Of Life's Destiny
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* Harmony, Abundance & Empowerment In Your Realm
* Total Personal Transformation To A Higher Level Of Being
* Invincible, Spellbinding Charm Of The Goddess Allure
* The Crafts Of Divination & Ritual Magick Matered
* Protection & Power Of The Threefold Return

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east starBelieve And Receive, For It Was Yours At The Outset
You need never accept less than all you want to be and attain. If your life, any aspect of it, has been less than what you believe it should be, know that this was not the intention your Divine creator. For, You Have The Power Of The Goddess Now Within You To Have It All. It is inherent in the female. It is the gift empowered by the Divine just as bringing forth life is the exclusive power of the woman, as decreed from time infinity by the Divine. This is for sure: if you don't believe mysticism or a ritual of mysticism work, it won't. You must cast all doubts.

Never consider your dreams as imaginations, hallucinations or illusions. Take your dreams seriously. Dreams come from your inner-spirit communicating with the other dimension which is as real as the computer in front of you. Dreams are the inner-self expressing a need, desire, or yearning to attain. Again, what the mind can perceive, even during sleep, the body can achieve through the spirit belief.

Consider the words of Jesus, the Christ, Who proclaimed that You must 'believe to receive.' As with the Great Empowered Women of the Bible, Miriam, Judith, Ester, You must believe and know the power is within You and is one with the Divine and the cosmos. The 1500BC Hindi Veda teaches, 'One doubt and it is gone.' Therefore, the first order of empowerment is that as you believe in Divinity of Creation and the Universe, so must You believe in Yourself and the powers the Divine has provided You.

pentagram The Enlightenment Empowerment comes from enlightenment. That is why we urge you to read
The Higher Gnostics Page before proceeding on. Enlightenment comes from opening your mind to dimensions beyond your five mortal senses. The ancient Maitri Upanishad. available on our Mind Body Spirit Connection page, are writings of the ancient (1500BC) Brahmans which profess the inhibitions, limitations of physical concept. Cynicism must be disbanded for the Spiritforces to manifest as You, as the Goddess, evoke them. For, either by thought, concept, dream or fantasy, what you perceive, you can achieve, otherwise you could not perceive it. All the other informational tutorials can be accessed from the menu on the home page directory.

Your physical body must also be attuned and open to the ethereal (outer world spiritual realm) in harmony with the mortal (inner world realm in which we physically reside). As explained on the
> Mind-Body-Spirit Connection page, your physical being must be balanced within the yin and yang (+ and -) balance of the cosmos and your body power points, the Chakras be maximized. You must be totally and always uninhibited, never be afraid to view your body nude or be ashamed of it. You can feel your Charrassein, body power balance, by lying unclothed and meditating, focusing on you and what you feel around you. Do this once in the daytime and once at night. Yoga, especially Vin-Yoga exercise is invaluable to tuning your Chakra Tittawas (Body Forces) and your mind-body-spirit connection. (Guidelines: The lotus position tunes your receptors. Focus on your goals, desires, inner and outer self and your relationship with the Spiritpowers and the universe).

book of wisdom The Gnostics Of Empowerment: To better understand how to utilize the resources of Your Magickal Goddess Emporium, once again, if you have not already done so read Xoteria's wealth of knowledge
Mind-Body-Spirit Connection webpage (click here) where you will find the basic essentials of the Enlightenment, which prepares you to learn The Gnostics, The Q. (Quaballah). This empowerment tutorial enables You to come to realize and know The Goddess in you and explain what is further provided for You here.

Amulets & Talismans Used To Invoke The Power
Here are the empowerment"tools"
to achieve all You perceive
...all You need, desire and yearn for!

candle The Charged Candle The candle is the universal Spiritforce implement which connects You with the Spiritpowers of the universe. Traditional and Charismatic Catholicism assert that the candle flame is the means of concentration between mortal humans with "God and all the Saints" (Roman Catholic Catechismal Phrase). However, Catholicism was not, by far, the first "religion" to utilize the flame as spiritual interaction. The very first human race, the primordial Sumerians, in 25,000BC (according to the World Almanac) utilized the flame to connect with "Anu," the "(deity) light in the sky." The candle flame is a very power spiritual focal point. In a darkened, very quiet private room, gaze into a candle flame while trying to eliminate all conscious thought. Removing all doubt, You will feel the universal spirit attracted to You and You to they. In the Supernal Crafts, specialized candles are used. They are especially charged, colored and sometimes scented (or used with incense) to invoke the Spiritpowers of the universe.

pentacle The Goddess Pentacle Talismans are symbolic amulets (colloq.  "charms") which evoke (in a very generalized sense, appeal to ) the Spiritpowers. Various Spiritpower forces (mainstream religion refers to them as "Angels," the ancients as ethereal Gods and Goddesses, Catholicism as "Angels and Saints") have specific dominions. Isis, for example, is one of the most powerful Spiritpowers of the earth Goddess. The five pointed star, Pentacle or( colloq.  Pentagram) represents the powers of our universe: earth, wind, fire, air and the cosmos. (See The Table Bottom Of Page For Elemental Power Affectation). The Goddess Pentacle which combines the elemental power indicia of Solomon with the Goddess power of Isis, is most endeared by women of the Craft.

The Celtic Binding Knot The foundation of all the truly Charmed Crafts is The Celtic Binding Knot. Here Spellbinding is empowered. Spellbinding is the supernal empowerment evocation to attract love and hold it true in fidelity to You. It binds love mate marriage vows; it maintains love relationships. The Binding Knot also is used to attract good fortune and fulfillment. Once again, an amulet, in itself,  has no power, until it is charged as a talisman and supernal implemented and evocationally utilized in a specific formula of ritual and mantra (especially spoken esoteric words). In invoking a Spiritpower, it enacts the forces of that Spiritpower's dominion. There is no more potent spellcasting than that performed by The Goddess and The Goddess is within YOU. The Celtic Priestesses have blessed the female, the Goddess, with this most relied upon amulet.

crytalsCharged Crystals & Incense Charged crystals with the appropriate incense enhances and fortifies the Spiritpower evoking elements of your ritual and "altar," (e.g., the candles, talismans). Every woman advanced in the supernal Crafts will utilize an altar setting for her invocations. This was not "invented" by mainstream religion. Altars, by their various ancient cultural names, have been in use virtually since the dawn of humankind. Crystals and incense are elements which immensely enhance invocation and evocation. Just as the aroma of fine food attracts the epicurean to a fine restaurant, so Spiritpowers to appropriate crystals and incense.

scrying bowl The Scrying Bowl The Scrying Bowl has many uses in the supernal Crafts, but has primary astralkinetic and telekinetic implementations; that is, when certain substances are burned in it, the Scrying Bowl, often used with a mirror, enables, in metaphor, an unseen "arc" or "spark" which is connects a medium with the cosmotic powers. The art of Scrying, by use of a special Scrying Bowl, Candle & Mirror Set has been successfully utilized for finding missing persons. Scrying also implements summoning someone from afar (or near) to contact you through telepathic means. Scrying may, in certain ways, be used to attract money, "luck," and to change the course of life path destiny.

pyramid The Feminine Power Triad Indicia Also referred to as the Triad Power Indaglio, symbolizes and enforces the channeling of the Spiritpower forces into the Goddess (You). In diametric positions, it channels either left hand or right hand path forces. The amulets triad (or, deltic) properties evokes, when charged and utilized in ritual formulary, protective forces to shield the user or those the user designates (such as family) from evil forces, influence, being wronged and doing wrong. The Triad was the magical indicia of Gaia, The Creator Goddess, as etched and used by the Mycenae (proto-Grecian) High Priestesses and the Egyptian Shebas. Solomon, upon visiting the Temples of the Phonecian High Priestesses, based his Goetia (Magical Formulations) upon it. For You, The Goddess, it is actually more powerful than the pentacle, in certain instances. Focus upon it and you will discover an inkling of how this is so.

Phonecian Priestess leg amulet The Korethyrsika: Here is the most closely guarded secret of the Egyptian, Greek and Roman High Priestesses of ancient times, now used by the especially enlightened young Goddesses in the New Age of The Charmed Goddess. Below you will find detailed fundamentals of spellbinding, love spellcasting and also a complete encyclical glossary of spiritual references, enlightenment methodologies, and terrms of the craft. The Thyrsik amulet enhances these crafts. The Thyrsika appears at first glance to be a simple twine band of hemp ornamented with beads. In supernal reality, the Thyrsika far more than that. Charged and worn on the upper left thigh, it is one of the most powerful amulets You can possess to help you attain all that You desire and as an enlightened Goddess deserve. A special mantra, prior to first placing it on, and spiritual focus (mind, body, self spirit with the universal forces) provides gifted endowments only for The Goddess Woman. As the 4000 BC Egyptian Temple Priestesses came to know through enlightenment, their legs were in themselves very powerful with a move which Greek Koregoddesses would later name Mesmaratos. The Thyrsika, through invocation, channels the power. There is more on the topic of Legpower, Legcraft, The Mesmerata and Thyrsic spellbinding further down on this web page. These crafts are based both in the Phonecian Spellcast and the Hindi-Sheva Tantra (Sex Magick).

tarotrunes The Tarot is a deck of cards themed to divination methodologies. Most Tarot Cards are divided into the major and minor arcanes. Unfortunately, the popularization of the Tarot has made the cards often misused and buyers believe Tarot Readings are as easy as reading simplified instructions which come with commercially sold decks. True Tarot are based on the encryption of ancients, such as the Phonecian Thebe (Thebian Alphabet). Similarly Runes hieroglyphic stones are very powerful encryption ritual tools. The Phonecian Cartouche often places powerful Egyptian cryptology on talismans. Crystal Spheres (colloquially "Crystal Ball") are used in certain divination methods. Each of these are in themselves a science to be learned, as Astrology.


Dear Goddesses, before embarking upon this magical tutorial, you must be familiar with the both the mind-body-spirit connection enlightenment and the higher gnostics which are both available on the website. If you are not, you will not fully understand or be able to use the spellbinding techniques which follow. Begin at mind-body- spirit connection page, go on to the Gnostics and then continue on here.

The Power Of The Cosmos Is Yours. Occult is simply a Greek work meaning "hidden." It is the Q Jesus taught the Disciples, including Mary Magdalene, in private. "The Occult," which is really the enlightenment, the Q (Quaballah) does not go against the Bible, it enhances it.Judith and Ester, in the Old Testament, were enlightened by Yahweh on how they would beguile the Kings to sway to their favor. There is nothing which states empowerment is limited to only certain people. It was the certain people who opened their minds to the Divine who were empowered.

As food brings energy from within when digested, the cosmos brings energy from without as ingested by spirit channeling, which you will come to learn. To open the channel, you must feel the Goddess within you. This comes with bolstering your self esteem. Open your mind to enlightenment. Open your body to enlightenment. Open your spirit to enlightenment. Then, your mind, body and spirit can and will be empowered.

Awaken Your Goddess Spirit. After nightfall, when you are alone and all is quiet, go into your private room. Remove your clothing, or at least, most. Clothing is only veneer. The Goddess is you, the being of Divine Creation. In the room, light a candle in front of a full length mirror. Turn off all lighting so the room is only illuminated by the candle. Stand before the candle and the mirror. Gaze at your image in the mirror for one minute, then gaze into the candle. Open your mind to the true you and consider all the possibilities. Remove all worldly labels, then look at your image again. In your mind contemplate:
Who am I?
Who do I believe myself to be?
What are my strong points?
What and whom am I attracted to?
What is my purpose of being?

Using a mirror directly in front of you, focus into your own navel, your channel of life. After a minute or two (you will "feel when") gaze into a close by candle flame. Awaken to the Goddess in you. Proceed from there.

Witches and Witchcraft

You may have noted we have yet to use the phrases "witch" and "witchcraft" extensively. No, we are not by any means avoiding those terms and no one should be. Unfortunately, for those who are not enlightened, "witch" conjurs up images of so called "hags" cooking babies in a cauldron of boiling oil and placing hexes on whomever they do not like. This is far from the truth, it is absolutely false. Since some may be visiting this website for the first time and have never visited any other supernal empowerment web pages, we have not used the terms "witch" or "witchcraft" until this point, the point we believe having been a clear explanation of true empowerment has been read. If you have read this far, as well as the Higher Gnostics and Mind-Body-Spirit Connection pages (hopefully), you have a genuine and sincere interest in attaining supernal empowerment without prejudice and have the essential open mind to new dimensions and transformation.

"Witchcraft" is Wicca. Wicca is the practice of the supernal crafts from ancient Hindi, Phonecian, Hebrew, Greek, Roman, Celtic, Norse,Tertulian (German) and other spiritual cultures. Pop phrases such as "charmed" and "teen witch" simply mean women who are enlightened and young in spirit. While "teen witch" may refer to a young girl embarking in the crafts, it also refers to a woman being youthful within herself, transcending physical age and media images. Here now are a few basics of the Craft and beginning methods of affectation..

The Goth Culture & Mysticism Here, the expression "what is old is new" fits perfectly to the modern Goth fad. Gothic culture is actually an intriguing, exciting mix of medieval England, Romanian Mysticism and Celtic Druidism with a dash of Norse Tertulian. The merging of these with metal music, make up and styles is today's revamp adding dazzle to ancient The Book Of Shadows. The shadows from which it emerges is filled with energy and regeneration. It is, in essence, stylized and the traditional mystical formulas, evocations and empowerment are easily embued in the Goth circles. For Goth Girls are specially charmed with a unique allure and they are happening new age Goddesses.

Attracting The Lover You Desire Do this once each night for seven nights:
1. Write his name on a small piece of paper.
2. Light a red candle.
3. Burn one of the following incense: Copal, Egyptian Musk (best), Jasmine, Kyphi, Myrtle.
4. With the same type of oil or crystal on the tip of your right index finger, anoint your navel & each breast
5. Burn the paper with the desired lover's name on it in a small dish.
6. Place the dish of ash before the candle.
7. Sit before the candle and, after the ash cools, place your right hand on it.
8. Whisper his name at least three times while gazing into the candle.
9. Evoke the Goddesses of beauty and love:
     eko eko eko Isis, Goddess of beauty, eko eko eko Venus, Eros Goddess of love, the eros
8. Declare, I (say your name) spellbind (his name) and bring (his name) to me, it is he I desire and will have.
It is important that you feel the passion for this desired mate while you perform the ritual and be wearing all the power evoking love attraction amulets, especially the Goddess Pentacle and Celtic Trieskelle.
Then, To Spellbind The Love Of Your Mate: Invite your lover to your home one evening of preferably the full moon. Before his arrival, evoke the Goddesses (#7 above) and ask their blessings. You may also ask Demeter, the Earth Mother Goddess for her granting. Preparing a romantic candlelight dinner would be a "plus." Perform the anointing on yourself before he arrives (#4 above). After he has spent some time with you,closely sit next to him on a sofa. Touch your knee against his and gaze into his eyes. You should be wearing the power evoking amulets (e.g., Celtic Trikelle, Power Triad, Korethyrsika thighlet). If you can, let strands of your hair come into contact with his face. While looking eye to eye with him, affirm in your own mind he is to be yours only. Then, coddle with him and allow your breath to softly blow into towards him. Then, affirm your love with him verbally. This is a basic method. There are many other supernal methodologies, especially from the Celtic culture. (see also The Mesmerata  below). If you have a Celtic Binding Knot amulet (and you should), wear it whenever you are with him.

Celtic Goddesses used Apricot Seed to induce love attraction. They place three in a drawstring bag and carry it with them. A few drops of scented oil will increase the affectations (basic alchemy). As you advance in the Craft and achieve higher empowerment, you will use many forms of alchemy, ritual, evocations and body affectation persuasions to beguile, spellbind, and the lover of your choice to your will. You will never be brokenhearted, cheated on, lied to or used by a lover again.


Ra (Sumero-Phonecian) The first Egyptian deity, God of the sun
Ramadan (Arabic, rah mah dahn) The nine high holy days of the Muslim (Nation Of Islam) Religion Raum (Hindi, Rah oom The spiritpower who attracts love and reconciles
Regia (Greco-Roman/Latin, reh jee ah) The spiritpower of elongated youth
Reiki (Japanese, ray'' kee) A theosophy and methodology of enlightenment and healing art developed in the early 1900's by Mikao Usui, in Japan. It is an art that is passed from master to student. The word Reiki comes from two Japanese words, Rei and Ki, meaning universal life force.
Rune (Norse-Tertulian, roonz)Mystical alphabetic formulae of several ancient cultures. The three best known runic alphabets are: the Elder Futhark (ca. 150�800); the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc (400�1100); the Younger Futhark (800�1910) divided into the Danish Futhark script. The Runic Alphabet and Rune engraved stones are used in Spiritforce evocations. See Evocation
Saint In Greek & Roman Catholicism, Episcopalia, Santeria and Voudon, a spiritpower of the ethereal realm (heaven) whose exceptional earthly acts of sacrifice or benevolence evokes an endowment by those who invoke (pray to) the spirit
Samadhi (Hindi, saam ha' d'hee) Pure consciousness with and of the universal spirit. See Transcendental Meditation
Sanshera (Greco-Phonecian, sahn sheer' ah) (Praise) To The Goddess
Santeria (Latino-Mexican, san teh ree eh)origined in the Latin Carib culture, the spiritism which uses certain voudon methodologies for evocation of protection and spellcasting
Schemhamphoras (Hebrew, shem haamp hor ehs) Magickal seals, indicias, used by Moses to evoke supernatural affectations ("magick"). Ascribed in Moses' unpublished (by organized religion) 6th, 7th and 8th books, the holy seal (vengeance), 1st seal (prosperity) and 2nd seal (mysticism, such as that used against the Phonecian magi).
Scarab (Phonecian, skaa raab) An indaglio which is lored to evoke immortality
Scrying (Norse-Celtic) The supernal ability and process of evoking psychic sensitivity and astralkinesis to determine the location of a missing person, compel their return, and perform astral projection.
Seere (Hindi, seh eer The spiritpower who controls time and place
Sekhmet (Phonecian, sek met) The spiritpower endowing precignition of and protection from evil, represented by the Cat Goddess
Selene Serena, Serene, Selene (Greek, seh leen, seh reen eh, seh reen) The spiritpower who bestows allure through supernal evocation
Sephenye (Greco-Phonecian, sef ehn yeh) The spiritpower who preserves and protects virginity in young girls
Seraphis (Hebrew, sir aa fis) The spiritpower of virility and sexual drive in men
Seth (Phonecian) The spiritpower of storms and solar affectations.
Shadows, Book Of 1. The Book of Shadows is a traditional book of Wicca, originating in the 1st century AD from Gnostics of the ancients. The book contains the core rituals, practices, and wisdom of Wiccan tradition. It is copied by hand from that of one's initiator (High Priestess or Priest), who copied it from his or her initiator. The esoteric material it contains may not be changed; sometimes additions are allowed. Some of the Wicca keep a personal Book of Shadows in addition to that of their tradition. This is typically for individual use and is not always passed on to one's initiates. The term Book of Shadows is believed to originate with Gerald Gardner, who is said to have taken it from the name of a Sanskrit manual of divination through the length of one's shadow. See also Wicca 2. In 1998, Phyllis Curott, exploring Witchcraft, discovered the spiritual movement that defied all stereotypes and came upon a spiritual mysticism of the Goddess The Book of Shadows chronicles Curott's initiation into the Wicca Goddess inner circle and eventually became High Priestess. Her writings convey mystical practices such as casting a circle, drawing down the Goddess, and casting spells for health, prosperity, and love.
Shagreel (Minoan-Mycenea sha greel) The spiritpower of life regeneration.
Shaman (Celtic-Norse, shah' man or shaa' man The High Priestess or Priest of Druid mysticism
Shax (unknown origin) Arguably, the spiritpower evoking deafness, blindness, or speech impairment.
Shapeshifting The supernal ability to alter physical shape and, some mystics aver, to change into another form of species
Shiva (Hindi, shee vah) The vedic universal godhead, the spiritpower of universal creation
Silenus (Greek, sy leh' nus) Silenus was a 6th century BC mystic of the religion of Dionysus (Dionysia) who wrote, "One must think of the dead as blessed for they have reached perfection"
Spellbinding 1. The supernal, usually ritually evoked craft of binding a vow or pact between usually two persons, i.e marriage, love relationship, business arrangement or partnership; 2. To effect change in a person or group of persons by Spiritforce evocation.
Spiritualist Generally, a personal enlightened by and communicates with the spirits of the ethereal realm
Spiritforces, Spiritpowers The ethereal realm spirits and elemental forces of the universe named by the ancients as Goddesses and Gods which may be invoked by the use of those given names and specific providential (empowerment)designations
Stolas (Babylonian, stoh lahs) The spiritpower of the cosmos star power and knowledge of the star's powers
Succubus, Incubus See Palladas.
Summoning See Invocation
Supernal Supernatural, occurrences by Spiritforce invocation and evocational "magick."
Tacita Rite (Celtic, taa' sit eh) From ancient Norse mysticism, the Tacit is a nine day ritual which removes evil presence from a domicile by family of residents enjoining in the circle of invocations and evocations.
Talisman A talisman is most any indicia, hung as a necklace, worn as a thighlet, anklet, or placed in a ritual setting, which symbolizes the forces of a particular Spiritpower or Spiritism. It would be impossible to list them all in a single section quick reference glossary, but many are explained including the Pentacle, Celtic Binding Knot, Triad and Thyrsika.
Talmud (Hebrew, taal med) In Judaism, the history and theosophy of the Jewish religion, also found in the Old Testament Judeo-Christian Bible
Taoism (Chinese, tah' oh izm, "the way" ) Meditative spirituality based on the theosophy of ancient philosopher Te'Ching. Taoism is very similar to Buddhism and the two philosophies are often enjoined in practice.
Tanit, Sign Of see Ankh
Tarot ( Egyptian, taa' roh) A set of usually 78 cards with esoteric pictures and symbols that are used for divination by connecting the reader to the subconscious mind.
Tantra (Hindi-Phonecian, taan trah) The spiritism which connects sexual orgasm with supernal empowerment and body energies
Telekinesis Greek, teh' leh kih nee' sis, colloq. ' Mental Telepathy' The craft of a moving force through psychic empowerment which has a physical affectation without actual physical contact.
Third Eye The "Third Eye" is the vision of enlightenment, from Greek Thyrsika Hyperstasia (Greco-Phonecian, thur sih kah - hi pur stay zee ah) The potent beguiling power ina young woman's or girl's legs
Thyrsika Karastasia (Greco-Phonecian, thur' sih kah - kaa' rah stay' zhya) From Phonecian Shebas (princesses) who were also Temple Priestesses and the Greco-Phonecian Eleusian mysticism, beguiling and spellbinding powers of persuasion empowered by feminine leg positioning and movement. (i.e. Ester, Judith, the Shebas of David and Solomon, Salome, Cleopatra. Explained further on the Elueshera
Gnostics webpage and illustrated on The Magical Goddess Emporium webpage.
Transcendental Meditation "mind-body-spirit connection with the universal spirit" meditation a theosophy of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, presented in the U.S. in 1955. "TM" is practiced for fifteen to twenty minutes twice daily while sitting with the eyes closed and mind cleared of all worldly perceptions and thoughts.. The ritualized technique comprises the silent mental repetition of the "Om Mani Padme Hom" mantra. The goal of this meditation is called pure consciousness (Samadhi).
Torah (Hebrew, taw rah In Judaism, the Jewish religion law handed to Moses by YHWH, found also in the Judeo-Christian Old Testament Bible Penteteuch.
Transubstantiation (traanz sub staan shee a shen In Greek and Roman Catholicism, the transforming of a bread wafer (host) into the body and blood of the Christ, Jesus
Tree Of Life A Biblical metaphor for spiritual enlightenment
Triskelle (Celtic, trih skehl') A talisman of 100-400 AD Norse-Irish and Scot-Irish Goddess mysticisms
Trivista (Greek, try vis' tah) From the Greco-Phonecian Eleusian and Greek Dionysia mysticisms of the 6th century BC, the Third Eye, the vision of enlightenment
Unkatche (Native American, oon kah chee) The spiritpower which cures ailments and diseases
Valac, Vaalac, Valaax ( vohl ahk) The spiritpower of good luck, fortune and prosperity
Vual (Norse, voo ahl) The spiritpower of affinity and affection
Veda The Veda are collectively the sacred writings of traditional Hindi spirituality. They include the Bhagavad Gita, Maitri Upanishad whose excerpts can be found on the Xoteria Mind-Body-Spirit Connection webpage.
Vedic Relating to the Veda
Vishnu (Hindi, Vizh' noo Hindo God (power) of love used in the tantra and sex magick evocations
Vodon, also Voudon (African, voo' don, colloq. Voodoo) Vodun spiritist religion is origined in the West African Yoruba people of the 18th and 19th century AD Dahomey. It spread to the West Indies, especially Haiti. The Boko (boh koh, High Priestess or Priest) invokes the Loa (Spiritforces) through the ritual movements of the congregates. See Orisha.
Voudon ("Voodoo") Dolls In Voudon spiritism, a small human form which, in ritual, represents a person whom a spell is placed upon by a Boko (High Priest)
Wicca (Celtic wih' kah, Wise One) The appropriate title for "witchcraft" mysticism and empowerment based on virtually all the ancient quaballah traditions. Wicca celebrates Creation in all forms as Divine. Through mantra, alchemy and ritual, Wiccans evoke supernal affectations and empowerment through the invocation of the Spiritpowers of the cosmos.
Worry Dolls (Guatemala-Haitian & Highland Native American) Consecrated human forms which are charged to absorb distress Yantras (Hindi, yaan' trahs Symbols used in sexual magick tantra rituals
YHWH (Tetragrammaton Hebrew, yah weh, I am) The Hebrew name for the monotheistic paternal Creator God, the name likely given by Moses rather than Abraham, arguably the founder of Judaism. Most mysticisms encompass and embrace the Biblical prophecies of Judeo-Christianity, including the martyrdom and resurrection of the Christ, Jesus.
Yin/Yang (Chinese, yihn - yaang In Chinese theosophy, complementary opposites rather than absolutes. Any yin/yang dichotomy can be seen as its opposite when viewed from another perspective. The similar Hindi designation Drip/Drue. Most forces in nature can be broken down into their respective Yin and Yang states; the two are usually in movement rather than held in absolute stasis. The Yin/Yang symbol is displayed on the
Elueshera Gnostics webpage and the +/1 bipolar cosmos, i.e. light/dark, sun/moon, are delineated in terms of the universal forces and Spiritpowers. Traditional Hindi theosophy names this Drip/Druije
Yoruba (Carib, yoh roo' bah See Orisha, Vodon.
Zagan (Hebrew, zah gaan The spiritpower of transformation and metamorphosis
Zepar, Zephyr ( Hebrew zeh par, zef eer) The spiritpower of beguiling seduction, attraction, love spellcasting
Examples Of Modern Feminine Names Rooted In Ancient Spirituality
Beth (Elizabeth) Phonecian Eleusia, beguiling beauty
Celeste Babylonian, cosmotic power
Christine Greco-Aramaic, anointed (as in Christ)
Denise Greek Dionysiac, fulfillment
Donna Roman Vesta, blessed
Judith Hebrew Judaism, fortitude
Karen Phonecian Eleusia, purity
Selena Greek Dionysiac, mystic
Sandra, Santa Roman Vesta, sainted, purity
Sophia Greek Eleusia, wisdom
Thelma Egyptian Eleusia, magical in words (thelmic)
Wanda, Wendy Norse Tertulian, insight (Woden)


Air: Spirituality, Supernal Insight, Inspirations, Justice
Fire: Life Rejuvination, Supernal Power, Spellbinding, Charm, Sexuality
Water: Intuition, Trance, Tranquility, Charm
Earth: Fertility, Supernal Luck, Wealth, Fortune, Destiny
Cosmos: Enlightenment, Empowerment, Extra Sensory Perception, Telekenesis

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I am the pure Goddess
I call forth the power
The power is great within me
I feel my power
I know my power
I savor my power
I assert my power
I go forth and shall meet all challenges
For I have the power
I shall have all the victory and success I desire, blessed be
And so shall it be

The Elueshera embraces all faiths and spiritualities
and we proliferate the Goddess conscious of tolerance and open mindedness
to all beliefs and personal paths.


Q. Can any woman attain supernal empowerments such as spellbinding, precognition and scrying?
A. Yes, with an open mind, sincere intent, and earnest desire to expand spiritual horizons

Q. Do the higher knowledge gnostics (extrabiblical deuterocanon), the craft, empowerment, and ritual magick practices go against the Bible or the Qo'ran?
A. No. They concur and align with all intended altruism of these Holy Scriptures and those venerated in the Scriptures (i.e. Moses, Miriam, Judith, Ester, Mohammed, Solomon) utilized ritual magick and gnosticism.

Q. Do enlightenment circles embrace YHWH (Jehovah), Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed?
A. The enlightenment has the same veneration as Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism and Muslim. True spirituality does not bring in opposition one belief or religious path against another

Q. What degree of supernal empowerment may I attain?
A. What you can perceive, you can achieve. "If you had the faith of a mustard seed, you could tell a mountain to come and it will come."

Q. There are so many Goddesses of ancient and new age mysticism, the Mother, Kore, Moon & Sun Goddesses, how is then one Goddess in me?
A. As Christianity believes in a Trinity, the Father God (Yahweh), Son God (Jesus) and the Holy Spirit in One God, all the Spiritpower Goddesses are whole in the One Goddess Divinity, each named Goddess evokes a specific empowerment by invocation and evocation.

Q. What specifically constitutes a ritual and why is a ritual used?
A. Leaving aside the melodramatics of movies, a ritual is evoking the elemental (air, water, earth and fire) powers with the universal or cosmos powers, by various methodologies, bringing to fruition a supernal occurrence enables by the Spiritpower invoked.

Q. What differentiates prayer and ritual?
A. Prayer is spiritually communicating with the Divinity. Ritual is creating an evocational environment invoking a Spiritpower. We pray for something to be granted to ourselves or another. We perform a ritual to bring about. enact a supernal empowerment.

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